Retired Professor Arrested for Allegedly Buying Votes

Retired Professor Arrested for Allegedly Buying Vote
The DSS has arrested Prof. Ifedioranma Nwaana for allegedly buying votes at Community Primary School Amawbia. He was later released after hours of questioning. Speaking to correspondent’s, he said       ” I’m a retired university teacher and I want to take part in ensuring that things are done well in Nigeria. But I belong to a political party – All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA)
He admitted that he was at the polling center with about 300,000 thousand Naira. He said that the money was for the payment of APGA agents who have been working tirelessly under the sun rather than to induce the voters. “As one of the old stakeholders in the ward and whom they can trust, they say I should have the money and come and pay those boys, and that is the money I still have”
He denied being away that it was wrong to come to a polling center with such huge amount of money while voting is going on. He regained his freedom after some hours.
Barr Magnus Nwefo reported from Onitsha

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