Igbo APC Leaders Jumped The Gun By Prince Chinedu Asuzu

Those lgbo APC Efulefus who ran to Abuja cap at hand to endorse Mbuhari have all lost the sense of shame. If any of them is a title holder in their respective communities l suggest they’re stripped of such honor forthwith as they’re not worth such honor.

I’m not against anyone or group of persons supporting anyone for elective position, but to do such bereft of common sense is inimical to self-esteem and dignity of the human person.

Now come to think of it Mbuhari is of the northern extraction, also his VP is of Yoruba extraction, these are blocks that could be said for the now to be the major backbone of Mbuhari administration. These two major blocks are yet to categorically or openly endorse Mbuhari for a second tenure. Of course these are blocks that have a serious stake in Mbuhari’s government, yet they’re still bidding their time, calculating, strategizing and making consultations, which is what reasonable people do.

Alas, faim, the lgbo APC Efulefus rushed down to Abuja grinning and smiling sheepishly to endorse Mbuhari for a second term. I’m yet to understand what informed their decision, or that thing(s) they look back to as haven done for their zone by Mbuhari government, that they can’t but rush down to Abuja to thank him for on behalf of their zone, that can’t wait till the two major beneficiary zones leads the way for the endorsement.

This is a government that treats Ndigbo with disdain and utter disrespect. Came down heavily on your children for daring to peacefully protest for obviously being marginalized, unleashed terror like never before seen in the land on your unarmed children, killing, maiming and destroying both humans and properties in the process, yet all the Efulefu APC leaders did was to rush to Abuja like demented scapegoats to endorse the one who ordered for such atrocities to be carried out on your children.

Truth is that I’m not seeing those Efulefus that attended that charade called endorsement as normal, indeed in real lgbo parlance they’re likened to “Ofeke” or “Akariogori” depending on dialect. They’re no leaders of their people at all because they’re totally insulated from the legitimate yearnings and aspirations of their people. Also the fact that Efulefus don’t dictate to Dialas in lgboland.

Let me just conclude that we know the real lgbo leaders when we see them, and until they speak nothing is heard already, all we hear are whisperings of desperate and power hungry cum irrelevant and politically frustrated lgbo politicians seeking for relevance at all cost, even ready to dance naked in the market square to get it. And taking such band of rabble rousers and political prostitutes serious is to the one’s peril.

Prince Chinedu Asuzu writes from Asaba

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