Friesland campina wins Remita Corporate Champions Cup

Friesland Campina have emerged winners of the Remita Corporate Champions Cup 2018 after an impressive final with FCMB, at Yaba Tech Sports Pavilion on Sunday. A lone goal scored by Daniel Okoronkwo in the second half of the game placed the highly coveted RC3 Koenig Trophy in the hands of Friesland Campina, forcing FCMB to settle for second place.

The Managing Director of SystemSpecs, Mr John Obaro, who did the ceremonial kick-off for the final match said, “This is our fourth year, and clearly, it is at a much higher level than we’ve ever had. Everybody is excited and energised. It has been an opportunity to get families together within our organisation, SystemSpecs, and also our customer organisations. We are preaching work-life balance.”

The Remita Cup tournament ambassador, Peter Rufai, bragged to the cheering crowd that age has not affected his goal-keeping skills and proved it by saving some goals during a celebrity penalty shoot-out featuring some captains of industries. “Remita deserves all the accolades for their laudable effort on ensuring that Corporate bodies engage in sports.

“Most of the staff that played here could have as well, chosen football as their career but they decided to focus on academics and another career. Remita has given these same people the opportunity to showcase that burning desire,” Rufai said

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